Highway 666 Resurrected

by The Drunken Draculas

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Just in time for Halloween! The newest full length from hell's second greatest band: The Drunken Draculas! Recorded over the course of last year, the Draculas have dug deeper into the pits of the supernatural and spun a series of tales no gal or ghoul should live without!


released October 31, 2013

Elvis Dracula
El Sangre Magnifico
Wolfman Dracula
Sasquatch Dracula



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Track Name: Surfin' Mummy Takes Second
Surfin' Mummy is on a roll
But I think I can take his soul
Oh baby I think I can break him down
Catch a wave and come aground

Come on baby, Surf that Nerve!

Surfin' Mummy is getting wet out there
And now I can't even see his hair
Surfin' Mummy, come on roll!
You can take this whole damn show!

Surfin' Mummy, can you Surf that nerve?

Surfin' Mummy came in second!?
What kind of game is this?!
Now I am going to go and have my revenge

Surfin' Mummy, surf that Nerve!
Track Name: In the Black Lagoon
I'm in the Black Lagoon
And it's half past noon
Why do I see the moon?
Is it spelling my own doom?

In the Black Lagoon

Two lovers undress in the moonlight
They kiss and they hold each other right
When someone is gonna pull them down in the dark, dark night

In the Black Lagoon

Oh baby, please keep a walkin' on by

In the Black Lagoon
Track Name: Reservoir Whore
I walked up to her doorway just after midnight
It was so hard to kiss her goodbye
But when I couldn't say goodbye
She said she could, and that's when I lied

Reservoir Whore!

I went out to the reservoir
Down there, I could see my whore
She could love me for who I am
As long as I have dollars in my hand

Reservoir Whore

My girlfriend she will not see me
Oh, how I have done such wrong!
Why did I take myself down to the reservoir?
Well, to see my whore
Track Name: Red Lipstick
Hey baby, I knew you weren't that into it
Just to kiss your lips
And you know I don't want to
But it was on my list!

I can tell by the way you sat way down there
I can tell by the way you dragged
The way you dragged
Your Red Lipstick!

Red Lipstick!
Track Name: The Jello Ghost
My baby goes with every dish
She looks quite delicious
When she has red and green

My baby, the Jello Ghost

My baby, she ain't thin
She's got that gelatin

My baby, the Jello Ghost

My baby goes in the fridge
I like her with every dish
When I put her on my pork chops

My baby, the Jello Ghost

Come on baby, come on!
My baby, the Jello Ghost
My baby, the Jello Ghost
Track Name: Psycho
I don't know how you got way up there
When you could use the stairs
Psycho, what you waiting for?
Just drown those kids already
I saw you outside of the mall
Nats in your hair
No one could love a man like you
So you make them into stew

What's with that disguise psycho?
Clowns should be fun
But you take that part out
When you are always on the run

I don't know what made you
But I'm glad they did
You're one crazy guy
And I know you got one
One fanclub too

Hey psycho,
Please leave them kids alone
Just make a BLT
Or something around your neck
Track Name: Dancing Dracula
Dancing Dracula
I'm dancing all night long
Toes turning
Feet spinning
Body moving
Come on now, Dancing Dracula!

I keep moving
I keep moving

Come on Dancing Dracula
Oh Dancing Dracula
I don't want to go to town!
Track Name: Wolfman From Brawley
You're just a werewolf from Brawley
Eating goats and Mexicans
Is that how you live your life?
Do you even have a wife?

How far are you gonna take this?
Or are you just taking a piss?
I didn't think so
Your face is loco

I want some answers
To all life's questions
And you just sit there
Eating those pigeons
What's it going to take?
To get you off man-steak?

...oh, that's way too much.
I can't pay that but...
I can tell you one thing
Wolfman from Brawley, I can bring you one thing
Rock'n'roll from Hell
And that's all you need!

So grab your guitar and drums
You can even bring along your son!
Just pick up after that little one
He stinks

Cause we got a record to make
Some promises we got to keep
Way down in Hell, that's where we will meet

So Wolfman from Brawley, do I have your ear?
I need you my lover!
I need you right here!
Rock'n'roll all night
Let's go and start some fights
Until the end of time
I will make you mine!
Track Name: Dracula, Why Did You Take My Baby?
Dracula: why did you take my baby?!?